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Present Bank Exams & Results List:

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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mayweather ‘World’s richest boxer’

American star Floyd Mayweather is the world’s richest boxer with an estimated fortune of 100 million pounds.

And the boxer’s bank balance is set receive an extra 12 million pounds as he challenges Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto for the WBA light-middleweight crown in Las Vegas Saturday.

But it wasn’t the same for Floyd as a kid, when his family couldn’t even afford a lock on the door.

“Basically, I raised myself, and it was my older sister who made sure I got up every morning and went to school. I only had three pair of pants, three shirts and one pair of shoes. I’d mix and match to make them look different. The running water we had was cold, so we would heat water on the stove to wash,” The Daily Star quoted Floyd, as saying, whose mum was a drug-addict.

“We never had a key to open the door and we would pop the lock with a butter knife. ­People would come to the building I lived in and say it smelt of urine, but to me it never did because I was used to it. To make money, I would go and do back flips for $1 on the grass outside a local hotel and spend the money at Burger King,” he confessed.

Mayweather said that he used to ‘pray to get away’ from the conditions he was living in and only focused on his boxing.

“All I had was boxing. I would go to school and just think about not making mistakes in the gym that night. If I didn’t, I would sleep well,” the now boxing icon added.

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