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Present Bank Exams & Results List

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Present Bank Exams & Results List:

Bank Name No.of Posts Opening Date Last Date
Vijaya Bank Clerk's 800 Clerk's 16.08.2012 05.09.2012
Allahabad Bank 1100 Clerk's ......... 23.08.2012
SBI 9500 Clerk's Result Out .. .. ..

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


1. One who looks at the bright side of things
- optimist
2. One who looks at the dark side of things
- pessimist
3. One who does not believe in God
- atheist
4. One who believes in God
- theist
5. One who knows everything
- omniscient
6. One who is present everything
- omnipresent
7. One who is all powerful
- omnipotent
8. One who cannot read and write
- illiterate
9. One who loves mankind
- philanthropist
10. One who hates mankind
- misanthropist
11. One who is out to destroy the government
- anarchist
12. One who eats human flesh
- cannibal
13. One who lives on flesh
- carnivorous
14. One who lives at the same time
- contemporary
15. One who is eighty years old
- octogenarian
16. One for whom the world is a home
- cosmopolitan
17. One who is indifferent to pain and pleasure
- stoic
18. One who champions the cause of women
- feminist
19. One who is given to pleasures of the flesh
- epicure
20. One that lives on others

21. One who is sympathetic to mankind
- humanitarian
22. One who walks on foot
- pedestrian
23. One who studies things of the past
- antiquarian
24. One who is gifted with several talents
- versatile
25. One who is new to a profession
- novice
26. One who settles in another country
- immigrant
27. One who knows many languages
- polyglot
28. One who carves in stones
- sculptor
29. One who cures eye diseases
- oculist
30. One who collects postage stamps
- philatelist
31. One who mends shoes
- cobbler
32. One who compiles a dictionary
- lexicographer
33. One who retires from society to live a solitary life
- recluse
34. One who has special skill in judging art, music, etc.
- connoisseur
35. One who is devoted to the pleasures of eating and drinking - epicure
36. Liable to catch fire easily
- inflammable
37. That which can be carried
- portable
38. Incapable of being corrected
- incorrigible
39. The animals of a certain region
- fauna
40. The plants and vegetation of a region
- incombustible
41. An instrument for seeing distant things
- telescope
42. A disease that ends in death-fatal
43. A person suffering from nervous breakdown
- neurotic
44. A book or paper written by hand
- manuscript
45. A word no longer in use
- obsolete
46. An instrument for detecting earthquakes
- seismograph
47. An instrument for measuring gases
- manometer
48. The property left to someone by a will
- legacy
49. Promise given by a prisoner not to escape
- parole
50. An exaggerated statement
- hyperbole
51. A nation that goes to war
- belligerent
52. A person who lives in a foreign country
- alien
53. A list of things to be discussed at a meeting
- agenda
54. One who is complete self-satisfied
- complacent
55. Simple and easily deceived
- gullible
56. One who has delusions of one's grandeur
- megalomaniac
57. One who is chivalrous, idealistic and unpractical
- quixotic
58. One who gets pleasure in others' trouble and pain
- sadistic
59. The tendency to postpone things for future
- procrastination
60. One who is interested in the welfare of other people
- altruist
61. One who believes in keeping things as they are
- conservative
62. Understanding without the inter-ference of feelings
- empathy
63. An embarrassing mistake
- a faux pass
64. A medley or heterogeneous mixture of great variety
- potpourri
65. A washing or cleansing of the body especially in a religious ceremony - Ablution
66. A legal defence by which an accused person tries to show that he was somewhere else when the
crime was committed
- alibi
67. A speech uttered by one person
- monologue
68. Mental derangement confined to one idea
- monomania
69. Exclusive possession or control of any one thing
- monopoly
70. The group, especially in the arts, regarded as being the most experimental
- avant-garde
71. A connoisseur of food and drink
- gourmet
72. A person or thing that goes before and announces the coming of something - harbinger
73. An odd, atypical or eccentric train
- idiosyncrasy
74. Not planned ahead of time
- impromptu
75. To compensate a person, etc., for loss or damage
- indigenous
76. A time between periods or events
- interim
77. A plan for or the route to be followed on a journey
- itinerary
78. A group of persons who band together for some secret purpose, especially for political intrigue
- junta
79. A short journey for pleasure
- jaunt
80. A swiftly changing scene or pattern
- kaleidoscope

1. I was sure that he would bear hand in my new enterprise?
a) Interfere b) Join c) assist d) rejoice
Here the answer is (C) Assist. Assist stands for the group of words, bear a hand.

2. I cleared off all my debts with the large money paid to me on retirement?
a) Golden handshake
b) gold mine c) lion's share d) windfall

The answer is (A), Golden handshake. This expression stands for the underlined word.
3. That which makes it difficult to recognize the presence or real nature of somebody or something?
a) Cover b) camouflage c) pretence d) mask

Here the answer is (b), camouflage, because this word stands for the whole sentence.
4. A Place where animals are kept?
a) Zoo b) aviary c) museum d) sanctuary

Here the answer is (a), Zoo because a place where the animals are kept is known as a zoo.

5. A place where gambling is practiced?
a) Hotel b) casino c) restaurant d) theatre
The answer is (B), casino.

6. A house where an Eskimo lives?
a) Tent b) igloo c) mint d) hamlet
Here the answer is (B), igloo

7. One who is unable to pay one's debt?
a) Bankrupt b) borrower c) loaner d) obliged
The answer is (a), bankrupt. Because this word indicates the economic situation of the man concerned.

8. The plants and vegetation of a region?
a) Fauna b) flora c) landscape d) climate

The answer is (b) flora, as this word indicates the vegetation of the concerned area.
9. The period between two reigns?
a) Interregnum b) gap
c) anachronism d) stasis

The answer is (a), interregnum, because this word indicates the political situation of a country.
10. One who hates mankind?
a) Misanthrope b) gap
c) lover d) hater

The answer is (a) misanthrope, because this word indicates the mention state of mind.
11. One who believes in God?
a) Atheist b) theist
c) moral d) immoral

The answer is (B), theist.
12. A man who hates marriage?
a) Polyandrous b) bigot
c) misogamist d) widower

The answer is (c), misogamist.
13. A person who collects coins?
a) Pessimist b) numismatist c) philatelist d) philanthropist

The answer is (b), numismatist.
14. The murder of king?
a) Regicide b) murder
c) suicide d) insecticide

The answer is (a), Regicide.
15. Fear of strangers?
a) Hydrophobia b) photophobia
c) xenophobia d) gynophobia

The answer is (c), xenophobia
16. Study of the origin of words?
a) Sociology b) etymology
c) grammar d) lexical
The answer is (b), etymology

17. Belief that there is only one god?
a) Psychology b) monotheism c) cynicism d) phonology

The answer is (b), monotheism
18. Able to live both on land and in water?
a) Amphibian b) aquatic c) hydrophyte d) marine

The answer is (a), amphibian
19. Information of death given in newspaper with a brief history?
a) Condolence b) obituary c) sympathy d) empathy

The answer is (b), obituary
20. A building where dead bodies are kept before burial?
a) Mortuary b) cemetery c) cenotaph d) epitaph
The answer is (a), mortuary.

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